Kevin DeHond & Michael Catalano Duo

January 11th

Sticky Lips Juke Joint

Classic Light Rock, Adult Contemporary, Original

6:30-8:30 pm

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Kevin DeHond – “Eclectic Soft Electric”
Timeless songs you haven’t heard in awhile.
Timeless songs you will be hearing for the first time.

Kevin has a long history in the Rochester Area Music Scene.
His first Introduction being as a on air personality for the now defunct
Underground AM rock station WSAY in the 70’s.

Movement in these music circles lead him to associations with great musicians that finally culminated in the formation two great music ensembles.
Passenger and, later, Resurrection were the springboards for his singing/songwriting career.
Both groups had great success in the Rochester club circuit and their talents lead them to inclusion on two WCMF Homegrown Albums. His song, “Took All My Love”, by Passenger,
Is still a staple in his act and featured on his debut CD, “Life In A Box”.

A lot of time has passed and Kevin has filled it with singing and writing new material as well
as cultivating a rather unique blend of cover songs. Don’t expect to hear modern Top 40 at one of his performances. Kevin pays homage to his days with Resurrection by including some Grateful Dead, Van Morrison and Allman Brothers, but you are more likely to get those
“golden nuggets” that will surprise the heck out of you. His repertoire of songs includes seldom heard and unique renditions of songs by Todd Rundgren, Marvin Gaye, Carol King and even Johnny Mathis and Tom Jones.
Our favorites were Wildflower (Let Her Cry Cause She’s A Lady) by Skylark and Someone To Watch Over Me by G&I Gershwin.

His guitar rhythms are sweet and uncluttered and give a perfect backdrop to the
distinct emotional quality of his singing performance.
He definitely provides a great “date night” ambiance in his shows.
You won’t be disappointed.

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