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Anson Stiles at FOLK City

You don’t want to miss the banjammin’ sounds of Anson Stiles  SOLO Friday, February 16th at FOLK City at Photo City: A Benefit for REACH from 9:15pm-10pm.

Some words from Mr. Stiles:

“I grew up in and around music. Its in my blood. The story goes that I almost kicked my ma off her chair at a blues jamboree while I was still in her belly. My first word was accompanied by a gesture towards my father’s guitar on the wall. I got a full sized jazz drum kit for Christmas when I was 3 years old. Mom always knew where us kids were.

Music echoed throughout the rooms of my house growing up. My daddio is an old left-handed country and blues guitar player. I picked up the electric bass guitar in 7th grade, as one does, just to stay out of his shadow. I excelled on the instrument, eventually eschewing the Tuba and joining the Newark High School Jazz Band, intent on focusing all of my creative energies into the instrument.

Some 15 years later I find myself leaning into a new instrument (new for me). The open back banjo. I don’t know what it is about banjo playing, but I sure have taken to it. I’ve always played whatever I can get my hands on. The thing about banjo is, I can’t seem to get my hands OFF of it! Something about the polyrhythms. And those haunting old folk songs that are so rewarding to learn.

I have a unique approach to the instrument, in that I have taken traditional clawhammer playing and modified it to suit the vibrations that bubble up out of me. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoy playing it.

I’m currently in a handful of gigging bands:

-Fakaui is an original Funk band based out of Canandaigua, NY that I write, play bass, and sing in.

-Stargroove is an R&B trio based out of Geneva, NY that I play bass, and sing in.

-Electric Tie Dye is a progressive Folk trio based out of Rochester, NY that I write, play banjo, and sing in. (Check out ETD on Saturday night!)

-I function as a stand in bassist for a couple of Nashville Country, and Blues-Rock bands.

-I also front and play bass in “Anson’s Country Band”, as we perform the music I grew up around at Country Jamborees.

Shoutout to Dirty Blanket for helping to awaken my passion for the more bluegrass styled country and folk music. Without my experience playing bass and singing tunes in that band I doubt that my act would have progressed to where it is now.

Community is so important to have in music, and its an honor and a pleasure to be performing at FOLK City, with such great people, for such a good cause!”

You can find Anson, and all of his musical endeavors, on Facebook

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