OH Sammm

Overhand Sam & The Bad Weapons

OverhandOverhand Sam & The Bad Weapons (comprised of Thunder Body veterans, Sam Snyder, Benton Sillick & Dennis Mariano) are a Rochester based band that may surprise listeners. Steeped in classic psychedelia, krautrock, experimental, and baroque pop, the band certainly brings something fresh and exciting to the table, but will make any Hendrix or Beatles enthusiast glad they were at the show, provided their face didn’t mOHS Album coverelt off.


Catch their set 6-7:30pm at Big “G” Jam Saturday, August 11th

Get more information on Big “G” Jam here http://heydudeafterhours.com/big-g-jam-music-festival-2018/

Check an article written about OHS’s newest album Longer Legs by Buffablog here -> http://www.buffablog.com/overhand-sam-longer-legs/ (Audio Included)

Check out their Bandcamp & Spotify


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