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Space Junk

Space Junk showSPACE JUNK is a four-piece electronic rock band hailing from Buffalo, NY.  Since officially forming in 2011, the band has gained notoriety in the Central and Western NY regions for melting the fabric of space-time through live Electronic Dance Music.  Space Junk defiantly blends genres including funk, jazz, bluegrass, progressive house and drum & bass. Widely recognized for their unique ability to seamlessly segue from typical jam-rock to electro DJ style fusion, Space Junk creates a one of a kind live dance experience. Their latest release Ascension is now available on Spotify.


Peep a sneak peak of their new album Ascension here ->

Catch their set at Big “G” Jam 7:30-9pm Saturday, August 10th.

Get more info on Big “G” Jam here ->

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