Spun Out FIRE Productions

SpunoutA traveling circus,

Spun Out FIRE Productions has now been melting minds and sparking your imagination on the main festival circuit for over  9 years. SOFP has been seen in 13 different states in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Spinning fire with a wide range of over 25 different fire toys and fire magic tricks, SOFP will always keep you guessing what’s next. SOFP is now filled with fire spinners from all over the country that tour together to form Spun Out FIRE Productions. They all share the same passion for fire, peace, love, music, and entertaining people with their mesmerizing and dangerous maneuvers.

Photographs and videos do not do this performance justice but peek this video anyway, https://youtu.be/kdd1HMSgnyUSpunout1

And while you’re at it, check their website too – www.spunoutfire.com.

There will be fire performances both nights at Big “G” Jam as well as a supervised community circle and workshops available.

Spunout FIRE is in cahoots with eARTh House Center for the Arts and they will be vending their dynamic variety of merchandise at the festival as well.. Check out their Facebook page HERE! And check out their booth August 10th & 11th!


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