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I know it’s been a week since The Fall Down, but it’s been a whirlwind that has whipped me out of New York and heading west again, so “Hello” from Lafayette, Indiana today!

Thank you…

This year’s The Fall Down was absolutely the best event that we have ever had out at The “G” Lodge. You all really came out and poured your love into each other, the music, the art and the property.

Neil & Candy

First and foremost I would like to thank Neil & Candy who go above and beyond like no one else to whip that property into shape and get it ready for everyone else. They put in physical labor weekend after weekend to make sure we all have places to camp and park our cars, they’re clearing away brush and helping build build build newer and better things for everyone else to enjoy all of the time. So HUGE thank you to them.

I’d like to thank Reena Rowland. She is with us through every event, start-to-finish. Making sure that you are fed, that the lodge is clean, that my family has everything that we need through the days and nights to keep this train moving forward. She’s the mama bear I never knew that I needed AND she’s got no problem hopping on stage and stealing the show for a while, a real party animal, we love you.

Gabe & Adrian

We’d like to extend a thank you to our audio and lighting technicians; on the Lodge Stage, Gabe Mayer on lights and Adrian Mayer on sound. And to Josh Russel on the Wagon stage- without you guys, we wouldn’t have a festival so Thank You. And to ROB who put together the FREE COFFEE bar and helped out at the Lodge Stage. YOU THE REAL MVP.

Josh RussellRob Coffee God

Thank you to Arizona Guastaferro for hooking it UP in the kitchen. Vinnie Gillard for catering. Ray the plumber. Chris the carpenter. All of our volunteers that helped move trees, take out the trash, and check people in at the gate. Thank you to my brother, Ian, for handling the techy things that I don’t understand and for always having an ear for consulting and emotional support for me when I need it.

Thank you to Sadie May for the poster design, Nettie Cee for live painting, our friends at Attuned.Life Wellness & Massage, our food vendors Moondoggies & Dragon Pizza. The folks at eARThouse for giving us fun things to play with and mesmerizing us with FIRE (Spunout Fire Productions). Katie Kay for healing us with yoga and Cat Kelsey for bringing us the most beautiful soaps I’ve ever seen to get clean with after the whole thing. Shoutout to Michael Keaney for turning the poster art into wearable art! And let’s not forget RICK MELNICK and The Thumb for really capturing the weekend for us and giving us photos & videos to look back on and remember for years to come.

Katie Does YogaJustin

Massage Fire

NettieChris Davenport

MOST OF ALL, thank you to my dad, Darren Gauger – He is the reason that we have events out at The “G” Lodge. It’s my father’s dream of bringing people together with music & art that drives us forward. It’s the months of preparation and building. It’s his gigantic heart that fuels us forward. Next time you see him, be sure to buy him a beer (Great Lakes, Edmund Fitzgerald is his favorite) and extend to him a kind word or two, he deserves it.


Thank you to all of the performers who came and made beautiful magic float through the air.

ZoraClare Driftwood

North StarCalya

Tough Old BirdClaire

And thank you to everyone else that came out and helped us plain ol’ have fun last weekend. I feel like a beautiful community is building here and I can’t wait to see what it blossoms into.


Punch BugZackWagon StagePete

From our family to yours,

Thank you

We can’t wait until next year! And we hope that you’ll choose to spend it with us again.

-Love Gabi :* <3

Ps. For more photos of this year’s Fall Down, you can check out Rick Melnick’s photo album on his page The Thumb





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