Tim Braley

Timothy Clayton Braley at FOLK City

Get to FOLK City at Photo City: A Benefit for REACH early Saturday, February 17th to catch TCB Music (Timothy Clayton Braley) He hits at 6pm SHARP!

Timothy Clayton Braley took up singing and eventually songwriting while rambling around the woodlot of his family’s property in Red Creek, NY.
The first band Tim performed in was a scream-o band made up of fellow rural high school students who wrote around the themes of teenage angst and pretty girls. Yours’ truly was the “vocalist” of said band. Since then, Tim has become a truly talented singer-songwriter, with clear influence from the soul singers and song writers of the 50’s and 60s; and rock, bluegrass, and folk-punk thrown in for safe keeping.
Tim’s current musical styling is heavy on percussive slapping and bass movement; it tends to be a bit more complex in speed and structure than traditional folk, though he is not afraid to write a simple sing-a-long or a pretty song.
Tim plays in several Rochester area groups including Elephino, Old World Warblers, The Dwayne Johnsons, and Spicy Boys.
Tim’s greatest influences are quite diverse, including: Thrice, Less Than Jake, Cassino, LCD Soundsystem, Devil Makes Three, Otis Redding, and The Temptations.

Check his original song, “Sinking Cities” here -> https://www.facebook.com/timothyclaytonbraleymusic/videos/396605287454900/

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